Fortress One is our interactive data platform developed for the Sports & Entertainment industry. It powers the services that enable teams to identify and understand who their fans are and to maximize the level and value of their engagement.

Used by over 120 of the worlds leading sports teams, Fortress ONE has transformed how stadiums and venues operate, has given teams real access to their data and has built new revenue streams across game day and commercial activities.


Personalize the experience in-venue & online to maximize the value to each fan.

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Drive revenues from in-stadium spend and across sponsors & commercial partners.

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Deliver the best in game-day experience with real-time stadium access information

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Generate personalized and actionable insights by unifying data across multiple sources.

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we are proud to support
over 120 satisfied clients


The Fortress ONE platform is integrated with some of the industries leading business systems
to bring a unified view of the customer and to enhance the service that we all provide.

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Client Support

We believe in proactive support – our professional support team will monitor every event, down to each individual touch point and resolve and alert you to any issues before they affect your customers or operations.


At Fortress we have over 10 years of industry experience to share. Understanding that each team is different, our client account team will work with you to develop the best strategy and program design to help transform your business.


Innovation is part of our DNA, we have been at the forefront of bringing new technologies and solutions to the business of sports. Our in-house development capability enables to explore and new features and service in line with your business goals.