Founded in 2001, Fortress technology has powered the adoption of digital ticketing, the use of RFID/NFC technology in the sports and entertainment industries. Widely regarded as the leading provider of integrated services and engagement solutions in the market today. Our platform powers the game day operations & wider fan engagement activities of more than 120 teams across Europe and the U.S., including 16 of the current EPL’s 20 teams.

At Fortress innovation is part of our DNA. Our team of over 60 engineers understand what fan centric operations means. We understand your business and as such we build solutions that work. Above all we support you – 24/7 in a way that is gained us the respect and trust of many of the worlds most demanding sports teams. That’s what we do…how can we help?

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Apr 10 2019

Washington Nationals team up with Teamwork & Fortress for Innovative POS Technology and Fan Engagement Solution

The Washington Nationals have selected Teamwork for their new point-of-sale technology to be featured at Nationals Park for the 2019 Major League Baseball Season. In addition, Teamwork has integrated with Fortress to offer a more personalized fan journey.

May 30 2018

Actions On Google Supports Google Pay Transactions

Another new addition to Google Pay is the support for mobile tickets and airline boarding passes that Google initially revealed last week, allowing users to store them in their Google Pay account so they’re accessible from the app, providing them with one less thing to have to carry around or worry about losing. Google says that it’s testing this new feature in a pilot with just a few different services, those being Ticketmaster, Southwest Airlines, and Fortress GB.

May 22 2018

Wembley Introduces Seamless Entry

Stadium partners with Apple and Fortress GB to launch innovative contactless mobile ticketing platform – The first in European professional sports. “This was truly a first-of-its-kind project,” said Dor Vago, Senior Product Manager for Fortress GB.

May 18 2018

Churchill Downs Debuting New Access Control System

Churchill Downs has a new multiyear agreement with Fortress US that sees the customer management outfit implementing and overseeing a new access control system at the track.
The system, nearly two years in development, is tied to an enhanced analytics system that will be able to track fan flow into and around the facility.

May 17 2018

Google Pay Brings Mobile Payments To Ticketing

Google recently revealed at its I/O developer conference in Mountain View that Google Pay systems would now support event tickets and boarding passes. While Google had previously announced a couple months back that support for prepaid tickets on public transit systems in Portland and Las Vegas would be arriving, this is a significant step forward. Now, Google Pay can be used on Southwest Airlines, Singapore Airlines, FortressGB, and Eventbrite.

Mar 13 2018

Wembley Launches Contactless Tickets in Apple Wallet

The technology will allow fans a new way to seamlessly and securely enter live events with contactless tickets added to Apple Wallet on their iPhone and Apple Watch. The integration of contactless tickets in Apple Wallet will simplify customers’ experience while enhancing security and fostering more personalized engagement with fans.


Jan 08 2018

Wirecard and Fortress GB launch first integrated contactless stadium card

Fortress GB, whose card base is currently 7.5 million, have partnered with Wirecard to launch this first integrated contactless stadium season ticket. As one of the leading providers of digital financial technology, Wirecard is chosen as issuer for The One Card, an all in one season ticket and member card with contactless payment functionality. Season ticket holders and members can use The One Card to gain entry to the stadium whilst using the same card for purchases at selected merchants at the point of sale or online.


Jan 04 2018

Park Life: Football Technology First

Aston Villa confirmed as first club in the world to integrate pre-paid contactless and chip and pin payment technology into season and member cards. The technology behind the new integrated payment and stadium access card is being provided by FortressGB, one of the world’s leading providers of loyalty, payment and access solutions to the sports and entertainment industry.

Jan 02 2018

New York Jets Win SportTechie Award for Most Innovative Team

In December, the team began testing contactless entry into the stadium for season ticket holders through Apple Wallet. At a time when demand for new technologies that improve the fan experience are at an all-time high, the New York Jets have worked hard to maintain an edge over other teams.

Dec 21 2017

Fortress Signs with Phoenix Suns

Fortress, the world’s leading provider of fan engagement solutions in professional sports, today announced that it was selected by the Phoenix Suns to develop Arena Cash, an exclusive stored value program offered to members of the SixthMan season ticket program.

Dec 20 2017

Wembley Stadium Scores UK First with Contactless Tickets

London’s Wembley Stadium will become the first sports stadium in the UK to offer contactless ticketing for fans. The system, which will be powered by global ticketing technology specialists Fortress GB, will allow fans to enter live events with contactless tickets added to the Apple Wallet mobile app on their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Jul 06 2017

Resurrecting Greatness – In the Business of Sports

It is said that, “greatness is a lot of small things, done well everyday.” For a sports team, being “great” does not just mean (nor totally rely upon) on field performance. Being great off the field is just as important.

Jul 06 2017

New York Jets President Neil Glat Chats Digital Ticketing

New York Jets President Neil Glat discussed with SportTechie digital ticketing, the future of virtual reality and the team’s social influencer program

Mar 02 2017

Montreal Canadiens’ Club 1909 Rewards Fans Around the Globe

The Montreal Canadiens in October launched its Club 1909 fan program, an initiative to unite the team’s fans from around the globe. The program rewards fans with points for interacting with the team in different ways, from attending games in person to watching on television or even just sharing team-related hashtags and messages on Twitter.

Mar 01 2017

Social Science of the T-Shirt Cannon

One would think that with this display of sheer exuberance that the T-Shirt was worth dying for – but no it is just a simple T-Shirt with the team/sponsor name on. Try and sell it outside the game and I’m pretty sure that most would walk on by without even a second glance. So the question is – what is going on here? Guest post by Richard Pinnick, SVP, Global Business Development at Fortress GB.