The Fortress Customer Management Platform enables a vast array of services including digital ticketing, automated Access Control, Fan Engagement programs, E-Cash payments as well as a whole host of other fan and venue services.


Our platform enables fans to interact with their team, using a contactless membership card or their smartphone via a range of touch points that are embedded into the ecosystem of your venue.

Access control

With more than 10 years of experience and over 120 stadium and venue installations around the world, Fortress’s robust access control solution, provides fast and secure access to over 7.5 million Fans.

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Fan Engagement

Build immersive and meaningful Fan Engagement programs that create a firm connection between you and your members, using online and offline interactions across your venue, in real time at every customer touch point.

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Speed up operations, enhance transaction spend and build personalised engagement campaigns by integrating Fortress’ versatile and secure E-Cash platform that works across RFID Cards, Barcodes and Smartphones.

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Data Analytics

Our goal is to help you gain insights and better connect with your entire fan base and for this we have built sophisticated tools to focus not on simply analysing your data, but directly transforming key insight into meaningful results.

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Hospitality Services

Our custom hospitality management solution is currently in use at the world’s top sporting tournaments and venues and providing guest management with highly flexible tools to manage their customers in real-time; from the acceptance of an invitation, and right up until your guest sit down at their seat.

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We focus on providing a continual support network, which is unique to each of our clients and enables us to make regular improvements to our system as well update and support each client in a personal a and individual manner.