Hospitality Services

Our custom hospitality management solution is currently in use at the world’s top sporting tournaments and venues and provides guest management with highly flexible tools to manage their customers in real-time; from the acceptance of an invitation, and right up until your guest sit down at their seat.

Corporate, Lounge and VIP Access

Our Corporate Access software, used at the world’s most prestigious events, manages the distribution and access of VIP and hospitality credentials for Suites, Lounges and VIP Areas.


Fortress offers a range of elegant video enabled kiosks that enable personalised messages for your VIP members as well as sponsorship opportunities for your partners.

Corporate Ticket Management

Instead of manually handing out tickets, Suite/Box holders can now manage their allocated tickets on a their personal online portal, enabling them to transfer and call back tickets right up to start of the game.


Add E-Cash or selected concession and merchandise items to a visitor's RFID card, Barcode ticket or smartphone to provide a unique experience for all your guests.


VIP Seat Allocator

Fortress’ Custom built Seat allocator solution is used during the world’s biggest and most prestigious sporting competitions, making sure your guest have the best seat in the house.


Featuring a powerful yet simple interface that includes VIP mapping and Seating distribution that allows for real time changes on a laptop or tablet right up until the start of your event. 

Client Support

The Fortress GB support team and client management are here to make sure that all of our clients needs and wants are met with efficiency as standard.


Our highly experienced support professionals will monitor every event, down to each individual touch point and resolve and alert you to any issues before they affect your customers or operations.  


Fortress GB - Head Office
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We focus on providing a continual support network, which is unique to each of our clients and enables us to make regular improvements to our system as well update and support each client in a personal a and individual manner.