Fan Engagement

Build immersive and meaningful Fan Engagement programs that create a firm connection between you and your Members, using online and offline interactions across your venue, in real time at every customer touch point. 


Member Portal

The Fortress Platform’s dedicated Fan portal, across both web and mobile, is a skinnable and customisable destination that provides a centralised space for fans to connect and keep track of their online and offline interaction and with the team/venue, manage their account, enrol partners and get exclusive rewards and experiences. 

Fan Interactions

The Fortress Fan engagement solution brings your Fan's digital interaction into the physical world. 


Our platform creates a full 360 degree view of your Fans by capturing true actionable and realtime data from your fans ticketing, access, POS transaction and social media activities. 


Interact in realtime with your Fans and trigger targeted actions at every customer touchpoint utilising our integrated readers and iBeacon technology around your venue.


Rewards Marketplace & Auctions

Reward your Fans by enabling them to purchase items using either their points or money loaded on to their account through our Marketplace and Auction functionality.  


Upload Events, offers and competitions that can be fully personalised to an individual fan or a group based on real-time interactions with the team.

Campaign Manager

The Fortress Campaign manager is a powerful and flexible tool that delivers targeted offers and promotions to unique populations or even individual members.


Create real time marketing campaigns and incentives to drive further fan activities and build revenues across all your online and offline customer touch points


Speed up operations and enhance transaction spend by building E-Cash into your rewards and incentives program with personalised cash-back initiatives and time specific discounts based on your member’s engagement and status.  


Though the Member Portal, your fans will be able to top up their E-Cash balance, enable Auto-top, Pay for exclusive rewards and monitor their transactions across all their accounts.


The 360 customer view

Our platform enables you to analyse and target your customers with a visual data dashboards showing key customer indices on loyalty, redemptions, spend, attendance and social media etc. Furthermore our reporting tool enables our clients to dynamically create reports and build queries on the data captured by the platform. 

Client Support

The Fortress GB support team and client management are here to make sure that all of our clients needs and wants are met with efficiency as standard.


Our highly experienced support professionals will monitor every event, down to each individual touch point and resolve and alert you to any issues before they affect your customers or operations.  


Fortress GB - Head Office
South Block, Tavistock House
Tavistock Square
Tel +44 (0) 20 7874 7595
Fax + 44 (0) 20 7874 7588


We focus on providing a continual support network, which is unique to each of our clients and enables us to make regular improvements to our system as well update and support each client in a personal a and individual manner.