Access control

With more than 10 years of experience and over 120 stadium and venue installations around the world, Fortress’s robust access control solution, provides fast and secure access to over 7.5 million Fans.


The Fortress Readers

The Fortress Readers are designed to accept RFID Cards, Mobiles with either NFC or a 2D barcode or regular 1D/2D barcode tickets, providing a fast, flexible and intuitive solution for you and your customers. 


Our unique 'Turtle' and 'Smily' reader designs can be easily integrated with existing half or full height turnstiles, as well as on standalone 'Pods', all featuring seat locator printers on request. 

Digital Ticketing

Empower your fans with ultimate flexibility, by moving away from paper into the world of digital ticketing.


Give your fans total control by enabling them to load tickets to their RFID card or Smartphone, transfer to guest and partners, Print@home and upgrade their seats through a dedicated and intuitive member portal.


Our solution is integrated with over 25 of the leading ticketing providers, which we work closely with to provide flexibility and easy of use for you and your customers. 

Deep Integrations

With over 10 years experience, our Access Control solution is fully compatible and features deep integrations with world’s ticketing and turnstile providers allowing us to easily bolt on to your existing systems and infrastructure. 

Reporting and Analytics

The Fortress platform provides real-time visibility of every single scan and reader at your venue.


Our tools give you detailed real-time heat mapping and charting analyses on time, method and location of each member attendance. With our reporting tool enabling you to dynamically create reports and build queries on the data captured by the platform.

Client Support

The Fortress GB support team and client management are here to make sure that all of our clients needs and wants are met with efficiency as standard.


Our highly experienced support professionals will monitor every event, down to each individual touch point and resolve and alert you to any issues before they affect your customers or operations.  


Fortress GB - Head Office
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Tel +44 (0) 20 7874 7595
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We focus on providing a continual support network, which is unique to each of our clients and enables us to make regular improvements to our system as well update and support each client in a personal a and individual manner.