San Diego Padres

  This week saw us launch our solutions alongside the San Diego Padres for their Opening night of their 2014 Season. The system the Padres & Fortress have created for the Padre fans consists of E-Cash, Access Control (both ticket, Card & Mobile) and our diverse Reward and Loyalty portal. This has automatically become successful both during their games at home and interacting with their customers before, during and after the game.

   They have used the ground breaking technology to mould their stadium into becoming one of the leading technical stadiums in the US today. Using E-Cash and our famous Egg readers throughout their point of sale inside Petco Park it has created an easier and quicker process in their concession areas.

    The portal has also become the hub of all loyalty and knowledge for each fan, being able to control their season tickets and E-Cash from one place has been exciting and innovative. We look forward to working with the Padres in the future. 


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