NY Jets Reward Loyalty to Fans



Fortress are proud to announce the launch of the Jets Rewards program, our first NFL team partnership following 3 years of collaboration with the League at the Super Bowl.

The Jets have always wanted to recognize and acknowledge their fans for their passionate support of the team.  Using the brand new Fortress developed Jets Rewards portal, program members will be able to track and manage their program accounts throughout the season.  They will earn 500 points for every game they attend, as well as various other bonuses including ‘fan assists’, defined by the Jets as when the visiting team is penalized for a false start, calls an unplanned timeout, or gives up a sack.  It was important for the Jets to make sure that points were directly linked to participation rather than money spent. Program members will have the opportunity to redeem their points for unique experiences and memorabilia through marketplace and auction interfaces on the Fortress Portal.

Fortress’s integration with Ticketmaster has allowed the Jets to upgrade the access control system at MetLife Stadium.  Instead of paper tickets, all Jets Season Ticket Holders received RFID cards that will be scanned in at over 100 access points around the building.

At Fortress we are excited to continue working with the Jets to engage and thrill their ans for many seasons to come.

Click here to find out more: rewards.newyorkjets.com


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