Montreal Canadiens – 1909



This autumn we launched our first ever Loyalty and Rewards programme with a Canadian team. We have created a Fan Portal in partnership with The Montreal Canadiens in which they aim to engage with not only their local fans but with fans internationally.

The Canadiens have identified around 10 million fans worldwide and have been searching for a system which would allow these fans to become connected directly with the Club, whilst not necessarily living within the Montreal area. The Canadiens want to encourage these fans to get behind the team even if supporting from afar. 

The Canadiens have made their bespoke portal interactive by allowing fans to use their mobile device to access their portal. They can earn points via their social media, listening and watching the games and also purchasing items online. 

They have, of course, not forgotten about their Fans inside the stadium. They are also able to gain points from in stadium purchasing, game attendance and social media.

The Canadiens marketing push behind this programme has been incredibly effective. By involving high profile fans and team players, they have educated fans in how to get closer to the team in a highly personalised and  compelling way. 


Click here for more information on the Montreal Canadiens’ programme and also on their effective campaigns




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