Harlequins RUFC & Chesterfield FC

Harlequins RUFC


Fortress has been working alongside Harlequins Rugby for a number of months now.  In Phase one of the project they used our core access module to allow fans to “tap in and tap out” of the stadium prior to Kick off, and our internal VIP kiosk modules to control access to specified lounges and bars. In November 2013 Harlequins have offered the sale of Half Season Tickets to members, for a significant discount. They have targeted the family friendly market but also focusing on adults, with the saving of up to 30% per game. 

In 2014 they will be moving to Fortress’s cashless rewards program.

Chesterfield FC

Chesterfield FC are one of our long term partners that are progressing with the Fortress Platform and E-Cash. They have now launched their online ticketing site, in which fans can go online and purchase tickets. This is open to members and non-members, members are able to purchase tickets which automatically load onto their cards or non-members can use the print at home service.

They will be trialing the dynamic discount cash back model in December 2013 


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